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The Wolftime Beckons – New Space Wolves Rules

The Warhammer-community team brings us a preview of the upcoming Space Wolves! (more…)

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Who let the Dogs out? A look at Index Space Wolves in 9th ed

OWOOOOOOOOOOO! Hear the call of the Wolves. They have been loosed upon the universe. Let the Sons of Magnus Tremble. Read on to see how 9th ed has treated the Space Vikings (more…)

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Custodes vs Space Wolves – 9th edition 40k battle report

The Tabletop Titans crew brings us another 9th ed 40k video bat rep, this time featuring Adeptus Custodes vs. Space Wolves! (more…)

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How to play Space Wolves in 9th edition – Tips from 40k Playtesters

The Tabletop Titans crew keep the knowledge flowing with their latest video, this time on how to play Space Wolves in 9th ed 40k! (more…)

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Faction Focus: Space Wolves

The 9th ed 40k Space Wolves faction focus via the Warhammer-community page! (more…)

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Space Wolves Psychic Awakening Review

Friends, countrymen, and wolfmen – lend me your ears, for I am Matt Root from Art of War and I have quite the tale for you!  It’s here! Saga of the Beast. Much to my pleasant surprise, the Space Wolves got a lot of teeth in this new book. I expected something mundane, but with […]

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Awoooo! Saga of the Beast is Up for Pre-order!

Grab the awesome new Psychic Awakening supplement for 40k featuring Space Wolves and Orks! (more…)

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Signals from the Frontline #676: Coming Together as a Community to Beat Papa Nurgle

Join Reece and Frankie for a discussion on current events, talk about the new Psychic Awakening tidbits and enjoy some levity during these serious times! (more…)

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Space Wolves: New Rules for a New Saga

G-dubs givin’ us the skinny on the new Space Wolf rules for the upcoming Psychic Awakening Book: Saga of the Beast! (more…)

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The Fight of the Millennium

A bit of fun from the Warhammer-community team to hype the upcoming Ghaz and Ragnar models! (more…)

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