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Lots of new models on the way from GW!

Some of these look awesome. Check them out! (more…)

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Check out the latest commissions from the FLG Paint Studio!

More great work from our team of talented artists! Consider the FLG Paint Studio for your next commission.

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Warhammer 40k Battle Report: Death Guard vs Space Wolves

Reecius vs. Frankie, Space Wolves vs. Death Guard! (more…)

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Preview: Warhammer 40K Video Bat Rep: Death Guard vs. Space Wolves

Frankie takes the new Death Guard out for a game against Reecius’ Space Wolves! Here’s a preview of the game with a few pics and lists, which will air on Monday, September 18th at 9am PST. Who do you think will win? Sub to our YouTube page to keep up with all of our latest […]

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Thursday Night Fight: Space Wolves vs. Tyranids

Reecius vs. Frankie, Wolves on Nids! Join us tonight at 5pm PST to join the fun. (more…)

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Warhammer 40k Video Battle Report: Necrons vs Space Wolves

This is a great example of how to deploy very badly! (more…)

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Tournament Battle Report 3- Deathwatch vs Space Wolves

Hi everyone, Michael here with the third written battle report from my trip to Caledonian Revolution. For more battle reports, reviews and analyses, check out the Tactics Corner. (more…)

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Thursday Night Fight: Space Wolves vs. Necrons

Tonight’s game by Twitch Subscriber vote is Necrons vs. Space Wolves! Reecius and the World’s Greatest will be duking it out at 5pm PST, tonight! (more…)

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Monday Night Fight: Grey Knights vs. Space Wolves

We’ve got a live game of 8th ed 40k for you, tonight! Grey Knights vs. Space Wolves. Join us for the game at 5pm PST.  (more…)

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Friday Night Fight: Eldar vs. Space Wolves

Our Twitch Subscribers voted last night for tonight’s game to feature Eldar (specifically a Wraith construct army) vs. Space Wolves. Tune in tonight at 5pm PST at our Twitch channel to join the fun! (more…)

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