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11-14-12-2 pics 013

Heavy Gear Hobby Blog Continued!

Here is a few pictures of my Northern Force. I have a large Southern Army as well, and I can’t wait to get enough of them painted so that we can finally post up some quality video battle reports to show everyone the awesomeness that is Heavy Gear! (more…)

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9-8-12 pics2 008

Heavy Gear Hobby Blog Update

Update! What do you all think, should I paint both shoulders red or just leave the 1? I think both red gives the model better balance. (more…)

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9-7-12 pics 003

Heavy Gear Hobby Blog: Reecius’ Southern Force

Hey everyone, long time Heavy Gear enthusiast here, just getting back into the game. I am painting up my Southern army and wanted to keep a blog here to get some feedback and hopefully inspire some folks! (more…)

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