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Barrie Bash ITC Tournament Recap!

Skari has a video up giving us the rundown on what looks like an awesome event! Check out his YouTube channel, here! Find the full article here: http://skaredcast.blogspot.comThe Barrie Bash ITC has come and gone! First event of the 2015circuit. It was awesome. 34 players and what not. Will be forwardingyou the results as well. Please […]

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Signals from the Frontline Special Edition: Dark Eldar

In this special edition of the podcast, Reecius is joined by two veteran Dark Eldar players, Frankie and Skari, to discuss how to get the most out of the Dark Eldar! Check out the Tactics Corner for more great informatoin. (more…)

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Guest Article on Dark Eldar by Skari

Skari liked my Dark Eldar article yesterday and offered some content he’d written on the subject which I am passing along to you all as it makes a nice follow up to yesterday’s post! Check out his blog and podcast for more of this type of content. (more…)

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Rebuttal to Raw Dogger’s Article by Skari: It’s About Points Values

A guest editorial from Skari in response to Raw Doggers article about Forgeworld in tournaments. (more…)

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Guest Editorial by Skari: Balance in List Building part 1

Hello Frontline Gaming Fans! Skari here again from skared.podbean.com with another guest article. This time I will dip into the wonderful world of balance. (more…)

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change is good

Guest Editorial: Skari on 6th ed and Why change is Good!

Here it is. Its more of an editiorial on 6th edition dynamics… (more…)

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