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I like 9th Edition Eldar Again

I was pretty down on Eldar at the beginning of the edition, but I’ve found a list I like that is working for me. (more…)

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My Hopes For My Armies In Ninth (and Eldar Burnout)

I’ve got a big Eldar collection, and I’m beginning a Custodes collection. Here are my hopes for these armies in the new edition. (more…)

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Eldar Combat Tactics in 9th Ed.

Well, well, well! 9th ed is starting to take shape, and as an Eldar player who loves combat, I’ve got some thoughts on these new rules! (more…)

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Supreme Command Eldar

Eldar List Construction in 9th Ed

Let’s have a think about Eldar list construction in 9th ed. (more…)

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The Clowns Get Some Backup: Eldar Soup Featuring Harlequins!

Here is a list I’ve worked up during my time indoors. It brings together some of the greatest Craftworld units and adds a Harlequin Twist! (more…)

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Let’s Talk About Seer Council

I’ve been toying around with one of the more expensive and interesting units in the game–The Eldar Warlock Skyrunner Council–also known as the Seer Council.  (more…)

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Polar Opposites: Categorizing Eldar Lists

Today we’re going to talk about the spectrum of Eldar lists. The Eldar meta has changed quite a bit since psychic awakening (it’s not just planes now.) (more…)

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Aeldari Tournament Report

Aeldari Hammer in The New Year: Game 2

In game two I square off against the Astra Militarum and a horrifying Baneblade! (more…)

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Crucible of Winter: Game 3

Game 3 was do or die. (more…)

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Batrep: Craftworld vs Death Guard

Hey Germs and Germs, Conor here with another hot and spicy battle report. This week I’m bringing my GT Eldar against my buddy’s double knight Death Guard. (more…)

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