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Let’s Talk About Seer Council

I’ve been toying around with one of the more expensive and interesting units in the game–The Eldar Warlock Skyrunner Council–also known as the Seer Council.  (more…)

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Eldar Craftworlds Review: Detachment: Craftworld Warhost

Hey, everyone. Chandler here with a review on the Eldar Craftworlds Warhost Detachment.  For more reviews, analysis, and battle reports be sure to check out the Tactics Corner. (more…)

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Eldar Review: HQ: Eldrad Ulthran

The Eldar Farseer is, hands down, one of the most classic Eldar units in the game. Before the onset of Jet Bike Spam, Wave Serpent Spam, Wraithknight Spam (you can’t actually spam a Wraithknight, but when you play against one it feels like spam – anyways), before any kind of spam, except the real Spam, […]

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Eldar Review: Formations: Seer Council

What do you get when a bunch of psychic Xenos get together let by a couple of exceedingly big brained ones?  An Eldar Seer Council of course.  Infamous for their ability to totally control the Psychic Phase, the Seer Council is a formation that is able to take advantage of the mechanics of the Psychic […]

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Eldar Review: HQs: Warlock Conclave

Howdy fellow gamers, Mr.MoreTanks here to talk today about one of the most infamous Eldar units in the game, and one that can dominate the psychic phase, the Warlock Conclave.  Here we see a unit that’s got the ability to punish demons with their access to Sanctic Demonology psychic powers or Runes of Battle can […]

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Eldar Tactics: HQs: Farseer

The iconic choice for the Eldar army and the go-to HQ for the codex, not to mention arguably the most powerful psyker in the game: the Farseer. Check the Tactics Corner for more great articles! (more…)

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Warhammer 40K Video Bat Rep #249 Tyranids vs Eldar

GTA takes his Seer Council out against InControl’s Dimechaeron lead Nids in an 1850pt Video Bat Rep! As always check out the Tactics Corner for more great video bat reps!

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L-13-Roboute the Firm-deskttop

Warhammer 40K Video Bat #221 Rep Knight Titans vs Seer Council Eldar

Tastey Taste busts out his Ultramarines with Dual Knights vs. GTA’s Jetseer Eldar! Check out the Tactics Corner for more great bat reps!

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Video Battle Report

Warhammer 40K Video Battle Report Eldar vs Grey Knights

Grant Theft Auto busts out his Seer Council against Jy2’s Draigo Wing in a grudge match to determine whose list is the cheesiest! (more…)

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The Deer Council goes to Celesticon!

Hey everyone, GTA here back from The Road to the Bay Area Open Blog, and I just attended a tough but another great year at Celesticon. This year’s Celesticon had it’s share of great players and friends that showed up. There was a lot of representation from the team of course (Team Zero Comp). Reece […]

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