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Completed Commission RPG Characters

Happy New Year from the Flg Paint Studio! May dice roll in your favor and the wenches swoon when your adventurer enters the Inn. And remember, Frontline Gaming sells gaming products at a discount, every day in their webcart!

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DnD Character 1

Completed Commission: Custom D&D Character

We love to paint D&D and other RPG miniatures to help bring your next campaign to life! (more…)

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6x4 Horrorscape webcart

New FLG Mat: Horrorscape

This horrifying new FLG Mat is perfect for Halloween and any tabletop game set in a particularly gruesome setting. Further, this mat is available at a discount during the release period! (more…)

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Completed Commission: Hero Forge RPG Miniatures

Take a look at these awesome Hero Forge custom RPG miniatures the FLG Paint Studio recently painted for a client. (more…)

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new dark heresy

Join us for some live Grim Dark Role Playing Fun!

Join myself, Total Biscuit, iNcontrol and many other awesome people for some Dark Heresy fun, starting now! (more…)

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First Time Playing Kingdom Death

Hello everyone, Frankie here to talk a little bit about the new game: Kingdom Death. (more…)

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I roll 20's - 20 sided die for WINNERS!

What is Dragonsgate?

Hello there frontline blog readers! My names Carter (aka Wizardfrog) and the folks at frontline have given me the opportunity to plug my site: (more…)

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Of Orcs and Men: Chapter 2: A Pathfinder Campaign

This is the tale of Team Zero Comp’s Pathfinder adventures. We play every Monday and it’s a blast! We’re part Lord of the Rings, part Monte Python and 100% fun. If you’re curious about joining in on an RPG and have some friends that are interested, jump in and give it a go! We sell […]

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