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Most interesting man in 40k

Frankie’s List Analysis: Dark Angels and Tau Lists

Today we have two very different lists. One is fighting for the Emperor and the other represents the greater good. Let’s see what we think about these two. (more…)

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tuesday night fight2

Tuesday Night Fight! Tau vs. Daemons

Hello everyone, we have quite the game for you tonight. We have Frankie and the Monster Bash Tau vs. Pablo the Stash Stevenson playing a Monster Bash Daemon List. Who will be able to come out on top? Only time will tell. Make sure to tune in 7:00 PM PST on TWITCH (more…)

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Frankie and his new Tau list!

Hello everyone, Frankie here to talk about my new list using the new Tau. (more…)

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With Drones


A Tau Riptide painted to our Tabletop Plus standard.

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riptide 01

Tau Riptide

This level 3 paint job Riptide came out just amazingly well! They feature extensive OSL, freehand, fade and blend work, and an awesome level 3 base.

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Tau Riptide

tau Riptide

This Tau Riptide is a gorgeous model and a great example of a level 3 paint job with level 3 basing! It also features a host of advanced painting and modeling techniques including the very cool OSL on the lit areas of the model.

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