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Tau Codex Review: Elites: XV-104 Riptide

Yes, the Riptide- ruiner of games, destroyer of fun, engine of salty tears, slightly overpriced Leman Russ Battle Tank… Wait, what? (more…)

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tuesday night fight2

Tuesday Night Fight! Eldar vs. Tau

Hello everyone here is a surprise Tuesday night fight. Tonight we have a nasty Eldar tournament army vs. Frankie’s Dawn Blade Contingent. Who will come out on top in this battle, tune in and find out 5:30p.m. PST on Twitch. (more…)

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Frankie’s Tournament Tau: Perfect Score at GE RTT

Hello everyone Frankie here with a warhammer 40k tournament report with the new Tau. (more…)

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Ferrus Manus

40kBrawl! 1500pts 2 Battle reports – Eldar/Tau, War Convocation & Iron Hands

Evening Americas, England here. Two 40k batreps for you today using the beloved 1500pts format that is the UKGT!   game 1; War convocation Vs. Iron Hands   game 2; Eldar / Riptide Wing Vs. Iron Hands     Please enjoy!  

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