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How To Play Raven Guard

Pew Pew, Punch Punch, Or, Why Sun Tzu Ain’t Got Nothing on Me (more…)

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Much Ado about Pistols: A look at Pistol Relics

Games Workshop has given us a lot of pistol relics. Almost every army has at least one, yet with that, there are very rarely seen in competitive play. Let’s take a look at what they offer, why they are not taken more, and perhaps even an idea on how to fix them. (more…)

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Tournament Battle Report- White Scars vs Raven Guard

Hi everyone, Michael here with another ITC tournament battle report. For more reviews and analyses, check out the Tactics Corner. (more…)

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Tag Team RTT – Nevermore (Raven Guard Successors): Round 3

Coming into the final round of the day saw us pair up some mates of mine. This was the list Nate and I had practiced against pre-tournament and felt the most comfortable with. They knew all our tricks too through, and the question now was who would prevail! (more…)

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Tag Team RTT – Nevermore (Raven Guard Successors): Round 1

After having gotten a good number of games under my belt with the Nevermore, I took them out to another Tournament scene. This would be their 3rd such showing, and whilst the smallest of the lot, also the best one yet. (more…)

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Warhammer Tactics: Powering Up Your Power Armor

The crew from over at Nights at the Game Table have a great tactics article for us! For more tactics articles, check out our Tactics Corner. (more…)

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GW Reveals Raven Guard and White Scars Chapter Tactics!

Wow, these look great! (more…)

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The Primaris Marines have their Roots in the Fluff. Relax.

Hello denizens of the interwebs. SaltyJohn here from TFG Radio to bring you an article out of the ordinary for me. A fluff piece, discussing the roots for Primaris Marines in the Fluff! (more…)

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Short Form Battle Report! Necrons vs Raven Guard

Reecius busts out his Raven Guard vs. Josh Death’s Necrons in this Adepticon practice battle! Check the Tactics Corner for more great video bat reps.

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Tuesday Night Fight Pre-Game Analysis: Harlequins vs. Raven Guard

It’s a samurai showdown! Raven Guard vs. Harlequins in a live 40k battle report! Be sure to join us on our Twitch channel at 7pm PST for the fun. (more…)

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