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Scroll of Enjoyable Adventuring

Ryder from The Brew Crew talks about the three Tenants of enjoyable adventuring in tabletop campaigns. You fiddle at the lock, hearing the final tumbler fall into place. You are weary, exhausted, having spent hours in a game you just wish would end already. Your party is showing each other pictures of their pets, the […]

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Motivation: 4 Tips for Writing Stronger NPCs

Motivation tells you a lot about a person. Desire is one of the fastest ways to make a character relatable. Today Temo from The Brew Crew talks about using motivation to flesh out your NPCs in DnD and other TRPGs (more…)

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Home Brewing the Perfect RPG Villain Pt 1: Roles and Rasts

Hello everyone, Peteypab from The Brew Crew here to talk about my favorite aspect of homebrew world building. Creating your villain. (more…)

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Now Stocking Pathfinder!

We’re now stocking the popular RPG: Pathfinder! (more…)

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What’s New in the FLG Web-cart!

Check out this week’s pre-orders and new additions to the FLG Web-cart! (more…)

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DnD Character 1

Completed Commission: Custom D&D Character

We love to paint D&D and other RPG miniatures to help bring your next campaign to life! (more…)

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Pathfinder Looking for Play Testers!

Have you ever wanted to help shape one of your favorite games? Well, if Pathfinder is one of those for you, then this is your opportunity! (more…)

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Biter, the Goblin the party rescued from the Giant Black Widows!

Paizo is bringing Pathfinder to the LVO!

We are very excited to be hosting Pathfinder and Paizo at the LVO 2017! (more…)

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Wargaming Weekly!

Wargaming weekly! Short and to the point, it’s just the most important and interesting bits from the War-game universe. From fluff, to hobby and everything in between. (more…)

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I roll 20's - 20 sided die for WINNERS!

What is Dragonsgate?

Hello there frontline blog readers! My names Carter (aka Wizardfrog) and the folks at frontline have given me the opportunity to plug my site: (more…)

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