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Fantasy Fightclub: Conquest New Players Buying Guide

With Conquest’s community growing quickly, there is a lot to consider when starting out.  Here are a few tips! (more…)

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Fantasy Fightclub: An Interview with Stavros Halkias (Para Bellum Games)

Para Bellum’s Conquest has become a breakout hit. I sat down with one of the visionaries behind the company, and game, to learn about its past, present, and future. (more…)

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Fantasy Fightclub: Ninja, Ninja (w)Rap (Infiltrators in Conquest)

With the most recent releases for Para Bellum’s Conquest, has the first over-powered unit revealed itself, or is it still the up-and-coming competitive fantasy darling? (more…)

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Fantasy Fightclub: Hard-Body (Steel Legion in Conquest)

As our exploration of Para Bellum’s Conquest continues, we take a deeper look at the hard-hitting heavies of The Hundred Kingdoms, the Steel Legion. (more…)

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Fantasy Fightclub: I Think I’m a Clone Now (Force-Grown Drones in Conquest)

With more and more games under my belt, I want to start talking about Conquest tactics with a discussion on its most mild-mannered unit, the Spire’s Force-Grown Drones. (more…)

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Fantasy Fightclub: A Deeper Look at Conquest

Taking elements of the last thirty years of tabletop gaming, and mixing them with a fresh coat of paint, Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings is poised to be one of our hobbies next big games.  Let’s take a look at it in a little more depth. (more…)

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