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Wednesday Night Fight: Duardin vs. Death

We’ve got a fun game of Age of Sigmar for you, tonight! Duardin vs. Death, Frankie vs. Brandon! Going to be a blast, hop on our Twitch channel at 5pm PST to join the fun. (more…)

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Age of Sigmar – Short-Form Battle Report – Flesheater Courts V Stormcast Eternals (2000 pts)

Welcome back to CanHammer! Here’s the next Age of Sigmar batrep, featuring another game between Darren’s Flesheater Courts and Chris’ Stormcast Eternals. another exciting game, going right down to the wire. It is 2000 points of Match Play. Enjoy!

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AoS Video Bat Rep: Duardin vs. Death

We’re back! Video battle report for Age of Sigmar featuring Death vs. Duardin, 2,000 pts Matched Play. (more…)

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