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Blood Bowl: Building Mix and Match Teams

Hello folks, Dolch here with your scoop on all things Blood Bowl. In my last article, I gave you a bit of an introduction to the positional players and the lowdown on the teams that are available directly through Games Workshop.  So if you are looking for coverage over contents of the starters as well […]

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Age of Sigmar – Battle Report – Flesheater Courts Vs. Beastclaw Raiders (2000 pts)

Hey guys and welcome back to CanHammer! We are bringing you are next Age of Sigmar Batrep, featuring Darren’s newly minted Flesheater/Death army vs Jamie’s Beastclaw/Goblins army. It’s bound to be an epic game! SORRY GUYS, there are 3 25-second long sections missing from the first few minutes of the video for some reason, but […]

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Video Battle Report

Ogre Kingdoms vs High Elves

First game of the Battle of the Beasts tournament. Kieran Dunleavy vs David. Check out the sweet mat they’re playing on! (more…)

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ogre on rhino

New Releases: Scibor Ogre War Rhino Rider and Kromlech

Check out these cool new alternative miniatures! (more…)

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Warhammer Fantasy Ogres and Dark Elf Armies for Sale (Sold)

We’ve got some Fantasy armies for sale, give them a look! (more…)

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