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Warhammer 40k Video Battle Report: Militarum Tempestus vs. Tyranids

Reecius’ Tyranids vs. Frankie and his Scions! Warhammer 40,000 video battle report. (more…)

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Daily Awesome Conversion

This Awesome piece painted by Todd Swanson entitled Tyranid Lictor, was entered and won 2010 North American Slayer Sword Winner. Gold Winning – Golden Demon – Warhammer 40K Large Model. I love this because of the story it tells, and in such detail! This is truly great masterwork!  

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Daily Awesome Conversion

An awesome Diorama of a Broodlord Patriarch and minion, by  Luis Gomez Pradal Ah the old geanstealer cult was one of my favorite things back in the day, I really hope they bring them back.

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Nid players, get pumped!

Imperial Armor 4, Second Edition has brought some incredible new toys to the Nids! Check out the Tactics Corner for more great reviews! (more…)

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Signals from the Frontline

Signals from the Frontlines: Warhammer 40K and General Gaming News, Rumors, Tactics and Humor!

Show Notes 1-17-14 News LVO main events are sold out! 40K, Fantasy and Warmahordes main events all sold out, w00t! We still have even tickets for sale, Warmahordes Friday and Sunday, Zombie Survival, 40K DOubles, Beerhammer, etc. Because we are out of space now, we will no longer have a Play Station area for kids […]

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Warhammer 40K Video Bat Rep Iron Hands vs Tyranids

It’s a birthday bat rep! Chris calls Reecius’ Nids out with his Iron Hands for his Birthday Battle and Reecius is happy to oblige. -EDIT: Shrouded is conferred onto the entire brood if a single model in it has it, nice! Thanks to Klaus Bak for pointing that out. Oh, and I cheated on Zoeys […]

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Farewell to the Old Bugs!

Geoff “InControl” Robinson busts out the old Nids for one last battle against Frankie’s Dark Eldar and Rich from Greenstuff Industries’ Chaos! So long old Nids, it’s been fun. (more…)

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be calm panda

InControl on Nid Rumors and Staying Cool

Geoff “InControl” Robinson, of Starcraft 2 fame, is here to chime in on the new Nids and remaining positive in the face of some crummy rumors. (more…)

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WIP Bugs

Tyranid Tactica

Here’s a fun Nid tactica I’ve been using, lately. (more…)

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Video Battle Report

Check Out this Cool Time Lapse Tournament Video!

This comes to us via Simon, from Oz. He films his tournament games in time lapse so you can see the games quickly, and dubs his voice over it to explain what’s happening. Very cool! (more…)

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