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40k Game Changers Ep4: Nick Nanavati

It’s hard to think of any individual person, outside of rules writers and GW staff, who has influenced how we play the game of Warhammer 40k over the past few years more than Nick Nanavati. (more…)

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Chapter Tactics #144: Breaking Down the Top Lists and Fantasy Drafting For the LVO

Chapter Tactics is a 40k podcast which focuses on promoting better tactical play and situational awareness across all variations of the game. Today Val, Nick Nanavati, John Lennon and Pablo break down some of the best lists and list archetypes at the LVO and also talk about a new way to experience competitive 40k. (more…)

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This Week in the ITC: Interview with World’s Number One Player Nick Nanavati

Hello, fellow Warhammer 40k fans! SaltyJohn from TFG Radio, and one of the Las Vegas Open Head Judges, here to bring you a wrap up of this week in the ITC. (more…)

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Study Smarter, Not Harder

This article was brought by our friends at Nights at the Game Table for you to enjoy! (more…)

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