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New AoS Terrain Previewed!

I love me some sweet Age of Sigmar terrain and this new set looks both flavorful and functional. What do you think? (more…)

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New 40k, AoS & Necromunda Models Previewed!

These look fantastic! What do you think? (more…)

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New 40k FAQs!

GW released some new FAQs today, check them out and let us know what you think! (more…)

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Ork Beast Snagga Rules Preview

Check out these new rules previews form GW about the Beast Snaggas! (more…)

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More Ork Previews!

Check out these new Ork weapons rules! What do you think? Excited to get your WAAAGH!! on?

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Ork Rules Previews!

What do you think about what we’ve seen so far? (more…)

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Castellan Crowe Getting an Updated Model

Castellan Croew of the Grey Knights is betting updated and he looks a lot cooler! Also quite a bit beefier as well. (more…)

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Beast Snaggas Coming up Saturday!

These hotly anticipated new Orks are on the way, lets hope we get allocated enough to satisfy the WAAAGH! in all of us! (more…)

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Death Korps of Krieg Plastics Inbound!

It’s hapenning!

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More Be’Lakor Rules Previews!

These are Armies of Renown rules for themed forces including the man himself. What do you all think? (more…)

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