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Tzeentch Flying Circus in Newhammer

Hi, everyone. Chandler here with some input on what is sure to become one of the hottest lists of Newhammer; Tzeentch Flying Circus.  In 7th edition I wrote about the Rehati War Sect build, and fortunately, with Newhammer, you can replicate this army only now, it’s even better than before.  So, get those demon princes […]

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Jumping into Newhammer – Blood Angels First Impressions

Greetings, 40k Multiverse!   Captain Morgan from Forge the Narrative here and I wanted to share with you all my impressions of 8th edition as we get closer to the official release date. As you are all aware, we have been on the edge of our seats waiting for the new 40k to arrive, and […]

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War Zone Ultramar Revealed

Uh Oh, it looks like Papa Nurgle has his eyes set on the Galaxy’s most beautiful smurf kingdom. Check this out, just in from the Warhammer Community site. (more…)

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NewHammer Faction Focus: Orks (WAAAAAAGH!)

Reece wrote a faction preview article for Da Boyz in Green over at the Warhammer Community! Read it here.  (more…)

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Old school, cool!

Newhammer 40,000: A Forge World Datasheet!

A Forgeworld datasheet was spotted! Do not fear Renegade and Corsair players. (more…)

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Tyranids: Looking ahead (part 4)

Hey all, Danny from TFG Radio here to continue the pondering of Tyranids in the new world, and well, we have had the floodgates open lately, so let’s dig right into it, shall we? Of course, you can also read a whole bunch of other articles over at Frontline’s Tactic’s Corner. (more…)

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NewHammer Faction Focus: Death Guard

Frankie wrote a Death Guard faction focus article which you can read here (more…)

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Newhammer: World Eaters hopes and dreams

Hello everyone, Danny from TFG Radio here to go over the other love in my heart, the World Eaters.  Here is a short set of hopes and dreams that I scribbled down in my diary made of my enemies, and as always, go check out the Tactics Corner for all of Frontline’s goodies. (more…)

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Thousand Sons: The Dawn of Newhammer

Hi, everyone. Chandler here with a look into our favorite power armored automatons, the Thousand Sons, and how they might fare in the upcoming Newhammer.  There are exciting times ahead for everyone as we enter into a new era of the game, and Thousand Sons players everywhere have plenty of reasons to be hyped. So, […]

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Tyranids: Looking ahead (part 3)

Hey Everyone, Danny from TFG Radio here, (I know, you’re sick of me), to go over more how these new changes shake out for the mighty Hive Fleets!  As always, go check out Frontline’s Tactics Corner for all the cool stuff that I did not write. (more…)

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