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Much Ado about Pistols: A look at Pistol Relics

Games Workshop has given us a lot of pistol relics. Almost every army has at least one, yet with that, there are very rarely seen in competitive play. Let’s take a look at what they offer, why they are not taken more, and perhaps even an idea on how to fix them. (more…)

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Completed Commission: Obyron and Zahndrekh

Obyron and Zahndrekh commission from the FLG Paint Studio. And remember, Frontline Gaming sells gaming products at a discount, every day in their webcart!

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Op Ed: Make Leadership Great Again

The Vets among us may recall a time. A time when gas was cheap. A time when politicians were honest, when children listened to their parents, when the news was reasonable, and when Leadership in 40k actually mattered. Alas, such times have passed us by, and we find ourselves instead in today’s times. Read on […]

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ITC Tournament Battle Report: Game 1- Deathwatch vs Necrons

Hi everyone, Michael from St Andrews Wargaming here with a battle report from a recent tournament that I attended. In this game, my Deathwatch face off against the Necrons. For more reviews and analysis, check out the Tactics Corner. (more…)

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Completed Commission: Necrons

We recently painted these Necrons for a client and they came out great! (more…)

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SoCal 40k League Won by Necrons!

We’ve got some tactical insights from Jason, who recently won one of the most competitive pods in our nearly 80 person league here in San Diego with the much maligned Necrons! Read on to see how we did against some very tough competition. Also, be sure to check the Tactics Corner for more great articles […]

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Tomes of the Librarius – Character Spotlight: Imotekh the Stormlord

Hello 40k fans! Chris Morgan, Chief Librarian of the Forge the Narrative Podcast, is here again with the next weekly segment of Tomes of the Librarius. Also, check the Tactics Corner for more great articles! Just as a reminder, in this series we will explore facets of the history and legends of the Grimdark. This is meant to be […]

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Customer Spotlight: FLG Display Mat with Necrons

Junior A. brought this awesome Necron army with red effects and black basing to a tournament recently and it was awesome to see how good it looked on the Robot City Red FLG Display Mat with collapsible tray! (more…)

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Why Doesn’t the Necron Horde work?

Hey everyone, SaltyJohn from TFG Radio here to talk to you today about something I haven’t posted about in a few months. The tactical part of 40k. (more…)

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The Celestial Orrery: Necron Dynasty Overview – Nihilakh

Hello everyone, Phaeron CytoSlide here with another Celestial Orrery article for your viewing and reading pleasure! Check the Tactics Corner for more great articles and tactics. (more…)

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