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Silent King – The Rules of the Ruler

The Warhammer-community team brings us the rules on the amazing new Silent King model. (more…)

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We’ll Be Back… A look at Reanimation Protocols through the Ages

Dolch here again. Like all Necron players, I’ve been holding my breath for news about the Necron Codex that is coming in October. Read mre

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C’tan Powered – A Casual Necron Army Update

Dolch here folks! I’m giving you an update on my Necron List, and how it has changed through the year, as well as how the Minitorum Field Manual (and Chapter Approved) has changed things. Sweet big beautiful biffy! Last year I went into a whole section of my history in wargaming and what kind of […]

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Points Drops are not the Path to 40k Nirvana

Hello folks, Dolch here! Today I’m going to lay out why I think that simple points changes are not enough to make everyone happy. (more…)

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Necrons 2

How my Fast Necron Army List is Changing With Chapter Approved

Hello Folks, Dolch here. Normally, I’m writing about all things Blood Bowl though I do play other games.  I can’t say that I’m anywhere near the caliber of the other writers here at Frontline Gaming, but I have been playing an unusual Necron list that I’d like to share.  I would also like to show how […]

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Necron Overview

Their number is legion, their name is death! (more…)

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tesseract vault

Necron Review: Lord of War: Tesseract Vault

Welcome to another wild and woolly Necron Codex review by the ever lovable Goatboy.  This time I am talking about the most expensive Lord of War option in the Necron Codex – the Tesseract Vault.  I’ve already talked about the C’Tans so I figured I would complete the slow lap of why choices in the Necron codex. […]

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Necron Review: Fast Attack/Transport: Night Scythe

The terror of the skies and the unit you did NOT want to go second against is the Night Scythe! Is this flying croissant of doom still a thing to be feared or is its recent price increase keeping it to the shelves? Want more tactics? Be sure to check out Frontline Gaming tactics page for more […]

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Necron Review: Elites: Triarch Praetorians

    Goatboy here again with another Necron Unit review.  This time its the Triach Praetorians – aka the Law of the Necron Legions. As usual you can read more tactics at Frontline Gaming Tactics Corner. (more…)

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Daily Awesome Conversion

A beautiful converted Necron Wraith, more of the artist’s work here!

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