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We’ll Be Back… A look at Reanimation Protocols through the Ages

Dolch here again. Like all Necron players, I’ve been holding my breath for news about the Necron Codex that is coming in October. Read mre

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Points Drops are not the Path to 40k Nirvana

Hello folks, Dolch here! Today I’m going to lay out why I think that simple points changes are not enough to make everyone happy. (more…)

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Necrons 2

How my Fast Necron Army List is Changing With Chapter Approved

Hello Folks, Dolch here. Normally, I’m writing about all things Blood Bowl though I do play other games.  I can’t say that I’m anywhere near the caliber of the other writers here at Frontline Gaming, but I have been playing an unusual Necron list that I’d like to share.  I would also like to show how […]

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Why Doesn’t the Necron Horde work?

Hey everyone, SaltyJohn from TFG Radio here to talk to you today about something I haven’t posted about in a few months. The tactical part of 40k. (more…)

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