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ASOIAF Expansion Ideas

Your Grace, my Lords, my Ladies. I bring insights of all powers within the War of the Five Kings that ravages Westeros. But more specifically, I bring knowledge of the campaigns these would be kings lead on the realm. My little birds bring me information to amend our war map, and they speak also of […]

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The Great Crusade Survey – Imperium Players

Hi All,I am continuing through the results from the Greta Crusade survey that wrapped up last Friday. In these next three articles I will be focusing on the results from the Imperium, Chaos and Xenos players. It is important to note that the responses in these sections were based on a question that asked players […]

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The Great Crusade Survey: Part 1-Demographics and Aggregate Results

Hi All,Thank you to everyone who helped me out by completing the crusade survey. We got over 270 responses from every army and all types of players. I plan to distribute the results in a few articles. Today’s article will cover some aggregated results as well as include the gaming demographics of the respondents. Over […]

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Battle at the Tower – Apocalypse Mission and Battle Report

Hello Everyone,At my local club we are wrapping up our first major crusade campaign, and what better way to do it then with an apocalypse game! We had six players altogether, 2 guard, 1 ork, 1 ork/eldar hybrid, 1 Space Marine, and 1 Tau player. Half the players had been playing in the crusade campaign. […]

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Genestealer Cult Codex – Narrative Review

Hello All, As we continue our trek through the narrative crusade rules for all the armies our next release to scrutinize is the mysterious Genestealer Cults. As with the other reviews I have broken the release down into several sections including a final summary at the end. Army Special RulesAll armies get their own unique […]

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Narrative Review – Orruk Warclans Path to Glory Rules

Happy Friday All! As we continue on with the series of narrative reviews I thought it would be a good idea to continue on to the Orruk Warclans. (more…)

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Stage Managing the Apocalypse: Mega Battles in 9th Edition

Hi All,Recently I organized my club’s first apocalypse battle in 9th edition. As we get started I must note that we elected to use the 9th ed rule set (although somewhat modified) rather then the specific Apocalypse rules. (more…)

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Warzone Charadon – Act 2 – Book of Fire – Narrative Review

Hello All,My apologies on the lateness of this review, I had a little trouble getting my hands on a copy of the Book of Fire but I enjoyed it nonetheless. As with my previous review, I will go through the Campaign Rules, the Legendary Missions and the Crusade Rules. –Campaign Rules – As with the […]

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The Balance Issue No One is Discussing

Apologies for the clickbait title, sometimes I can’t resist. I’ll drop the dance of seven veils and get right too it: we are talking about the Crusade System here. I am a few weeks into running my first club-level crusade campaign, and overall it is going well. We have a number of active players and […]

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Warzone Charadon – Act 1 – Book of Rust – Narrative Review

On my way to deliver a spicy take Apologies for the delay in this review, I know may narrative players have been clamoring for opinions on how the new campaign book will affect them and their campaigns. Well fear not dear readers I, your humble author, am hear to assuage your anguish. Let’s dive right […]

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