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Fantasy Fisticuffs: Marvel Crisis Review (Punisher/Taskmaster)

This last month’s releases continue to add new and interesting options, but will either Frank or Anthony be showing up on competitive tables? (more…)

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Fantasy Fisticuffs: Marvel Crisis Primer Pt 3 (Action Economy)

In skirmish games, every choice matters.  Let’s discuss action economy, and Marvel: Crisis Protocol. (more…)

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Fantasy Fisticuffs: Marvel Crisis Primer Pt 2 (The Pre-Game continued)

With so much happening in the pre-game, we have more tips for showing up to your game prepared! (more…)

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Fantasy Fisticuffs: Marvel’s Banned/Restricted List Emerges

With new guidelines for tactics cards and organized play, what has changed in competitive Marvel: Crisis Protocol? (more…)

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Fantasy Fisticuffs #45: Marvel Crisis Primer (Building your Roster)

The meta-game BEFORE the game, Marvel: Crisis Protocol begins with creating your pre-game roster. (more…)

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Fantasy Fisticuffs: Marvel Crisis Review (Daredevil & Bullseye)

The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen and his arch rival hit Crisis Protocol, but do they hit hard? (more…)

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Fantasy Fightclub: Re-review Marvel Crisis Protocol

Several months and almost a dozen releases later, how has Marvel’s skirmish miniatures game developed? Let’s re-discuss! (more…)

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Marvel: Crisis Protocol Review Super-Heroic Competitive Game, or Discount Bin Villain?

I don’t envy anyone trying to design a competitive table-top superhero game, but that is exactly what Atomic Mass Games has attempted with Marvel: Crisis Protocol.  How did they do? Let us find out. (more…)

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Games Workshop and Marvel Comics Team-up!

Yeah, you read that right. Games Workshop and Marvel are collaborating to create Warhammer comics! Even better, the first comics are due to land in autumn 2020. Yeah, we know – it’s super rad. (more…)

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Daily Awesome Conversion

This stunning model was sculpted and painted by Jean-Marc Brisset and is called Thanos, the Mad Titan. Just in case you haven’t realized (because you don’t read the comics just watch the movies) this is the main bad guy in the Avengers (SPOILER) It is so well made and painted I thought it was a […]

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