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Chapter Tactics #26: Dealing With Sisters of Silence and Making the Top 8

Today PeteyPab and his guest Dan Platt talk about what it takes to make the Top 8 at a mega event like Adepticon or the Las Vegas Open, as well as how players who use psychic powers  (more…)

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Warhammer 40k – Voice-Over Batrep – Tau Vs. Demons

We are back with another voice-over battle report! This features a grudge match between Logan’s Tau, and Chris with his new Magnus The Red list. It’s bound to be an awesome game so check it out! Quick note – for some reason we played that the Sisters of Silence could be affected by Beam powers. […]

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Chapter Tactics #22: Clock Management and Slow Playing

Today PeteyPab brings on the winner of the 2017 Las Vegas Open Brett Perkins to talk about his winning LVO run and also help people tackle one of the biggest issues in competitive 40k today. Games not finishing on time.  (more…)

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Tactical Terrain: LVO Recap

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MiniWarGaming: Live at the LVO

Dave visits the Las Vegas Open recently to watch the Warhammer 40K competition. Dave met with a lot of awesome people who share his passion for War gaming. Dave could not resist venturing out on the Las Vegas strip to experience life in the big city. Follow along with Dave and enjoy the show.  

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The Cranky Old Gamer’s LVO Experience and 30k Report

The Cranky Old Gamer brings us his 30k tournament report and LVO experience in a great guest blog post! Hey everyone! Just back from Vegas and wanted to share my experience and my pictures of the Las Vegas Open 2017, particularly the Horus Heresy events I attended. This year at LVO for the 30k scene […]

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Your Top Las Vegas Open Lists and Champions

Here are the pictures and lists of all of the top tables, and players at the Las Vegas Open. That I could get a hold of. We have 40k Champs, Age of Sigmar, Malifaux, 30k, and WarmaHordes. I will add more results as I dig them out through the hundreds of pictures I took.  (more…)

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The Las Vegas Open Presents Your Top Eight 40k Champs

Come on in here so you can see who exactly is in the top 8 and what we can expect from each match-up. Now updated with the top 4 results!  (more…)

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Las Vegas Open 40k Champs Faction Breakdown

I have the factions breakdown from the LVO 40k Champs, and plan on adding other faction breakdowns from different best coast pairings events later on. For now though, enjoy this faction breakdown and welcome in our new Eldar overlords.  (more…)

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Las Vegas Open Day 2 Live Coverage

Keep coming back here for live updates throughout the entire day  of the LVO. Including 40k champs report, the 30k champs, AoS champs, and whatever other interesting things I can find. The newest updates will be marked with a red timeline heading. (more…)

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