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Signals from the Frontline

Signals from the Frontline #717: Get Ready for the Las Vegas Nopen!

Reece brings you a solo cast as Franklin is on vacation! (more…)

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Be Sure to Check Out the Las Vegas Nopen

The world of Warhammer’s best and brightest bring you an online event like none you’ve ever seen. If the LVO can’t happen, we’ll bring you the LVnO instead. (more…)

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LVO 2021 Has Been Cancelled Due to Covid 19

The Las Vegas Open 2021 event has been cancelled due to the Covid 19 pandemic. If you purchased a ticket, please fill out this form to instruct as to what you would like to do with your ticket funds. (more…)

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This Week in the ITC 6-11-2020: Some Events Fold, Others Trudge Forward.

Hello, competitive Warhammer fans! SaltyJohn from TFG Radio here to discuss what’s been going on in the ITC for the first time in months! (more…)

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Signals from the Frontline #687: 9th ed 40k Matched Play News!

Reece and Frankie discuss some of the news coming out about 9th ed 40k Matched Play! (more…)

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A 40K Podcast From the Judge's Perspective

TFG Radio Presents: Focused Fire Episode 18 – LVO/Top 8 Review

This week on Focused Fire, with Allan and Jeff talk about their experiences at the Las Vegas Open 2020, and Jeff making the Top 8! (more…)

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Signals from the Frontline #670: Back from the LVO!

Hey everyone, we’re back from the LVO 2020 and back into the podcasting flow. (more…)

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Chapter Tactics #145: A Quantitative Analysis of Space Marine Dominance at the LVO

Chapter Tactics is a 40k podcast which focuses on promoting better tactical play and situational awareness across all variations of the game. Today Peter the Falcon takes the gang on a ride through the statistics of the 2020 Las Vegas Open, Petey Pab opens up about what goes into running such a large event, and […]

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GW Grognard: So Many Questions

Hey everyone! Adam, from TFG Radio, here to tell all you kids to get off my 40K lawn! (more…)

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Pretty cool! A team was shooting a documentary about a group of players and their journey to our convention, the LVO. This is the teaser and it came out great! Looking forward to seeing the rest of it. (more…)

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