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Mental Health and the Hobby – A Special Interview With Dr. Nahumck Part 1

Hello, 40K fans! I’ve got something a bit different from the usual philosophy lineup, but not too far a deviation. Mental health in the hobby is a topic that has gained steam in recent years. It should come as no surprise then that as we talk about the themes behind 40K’s narratives that we touch […]

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40K Philosophy: Daring to Be Good – Part 3 of the Morality Series

I definitely respect storytelling that is more than black and white representations of people and circumstances. That said, giving fans of 40K or even fans of “good guys” something good to root for isn’t making the grimdark a black and white moral picture.

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40K Philosophy – Eldar and the Fall

The 40K universe, like our own world, has a bevy of origin myths. Our world has legends like the creation of the world by Marduk in his clash against Tiamat the great dragon of chaos from Mesopotamian myth, the creation of the world from the body of a dead giant in Norse mythology, the creation […]

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40K Philosophy – Horus and the Subversion of Myths in 40K

As a student of mythology, the name Horus reminds me of the ancient tales of the mythical being from Egyptian mythology. As a student of philosophy, I see the myth of Horus and look at the narrative for themes and meaning applicable to humanity and morality. As a fan of Warhammer 40K, I hear the […]

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The Aelven Pantheon

A fun AoS lore article from the Warhammer-community page! Super cool to see Malerion. (more…)

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Unintended ‘Consequences’

Hello, all! Phat J Sleeze back out of retirement to bring you the hard hitting, thought provoking, life inspiring journalism that you might not have known that you need in your life.  (more…)

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40K Philosophy: Means to an End – Part 2 of the Morality Series

If anyone in 40K (or anywhere) represents a negative interpretation of “Will to Power” then it would be the Emperor of Mankind, the most intelligent and amorally rational example of moral relativism and ends-justify-the-means that perhaps has ever existed in fiction. I am going to make the case that it is exactly those traits that […]

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An Argument That Good Exists in the Grimdark, Part 1 of the Morality Series

Well, if concepts such as hatred, envy, nihilism, selfishness, betrayal, and malevolence lead to evil manifestations in the Warp, what about manifestations of selflessness, compassion, love, nobility, loyalty, and honor?

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40K Philosophy: What is ‘Real Literature’

I am not saying that all 40K stories must be or are inherently deep and meaningful, I am simply pointing out meaning or significance where I see it, and am making the case that we shouldn’t dismiss the genre out of hand simply because of its connection to tabletop wargaming or the science-fiction genre of […]

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40K Philosophy – Transhumanity

Welcome, 40K fans, to the first in a series of articles I will be writing about some of the deeper aspects of Warhammer 40,000. These articles are a thought exercise, and by writing them I hope to improve my thinking about 40K and its fiction (and maybe about much more). Topics in this series will […]

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