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The Best Bits Boxes

These are the best box sets out there to offer up plenty of conversion and kitbashing possibilities.

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Dominate for Two – The Importance of List Building

David, Ryan, & Alex discuss lists and list building, generally speaking. To what extent does it determine the winner of a game? What’s the best philosophy to take on list building? Is it inconsequential in the face of player skill? All this and more on what is perhaps our most intense episode yet. Alex calls […]

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Top Secret

4 BAO Lists Worth Looking At

Here are a few of my favorite lists with at least 5 wins from this year’s BAO.  (more…)

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Frankie’s List Analysis: Astra Militarum and Chaos Space Marines Lists

Today we’ve got a well rounded Astra Militarum list and a Chaos Marine list that has some similarities to one I used to run. Lets see how these two lists pan out. (more…)

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Rawdogger’s Astra Militarum List for Review

Hello all! Rawdogger here to talk about the latest iteration of my Astra Militarum tournament list.   I’ve been having a lot of fun trying to make the Astra Militarum work for me and fit into my play style and I must say in a game that includes fast moving 2+ re-rollable save Deathstars and […]

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Space Wolves Tournament List and Tactics

Lately, we’ve been getting a lot of folks asking about Space Wolves in tournament play 40k, with folks asking if they can still cut it. My answer is an emphatic, yes! Be sure to check out the Tactics Corner for more great articles! (more…)

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The List That’s Going to Win Adepticon!

Yeah, that’s right, like Babe Ruth, I’m pointing at the fences, suckas! (more…)

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List Concept: White Scars Rhino Rush with Space Wolf Support

Yo, yo, yo! So, I had a chance to test my White Scars theory list and have evolved the idea! As always, head over to the Tactics Corner for more articles, lists and bat reps! (more…)

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Reece's Space Marines!

Ultramarines List Follow Up and White Scars & Black Templars Concept Lists

I’ve had a few test games with the list I posted about here last week, and now I am giving an update on how it has been performing. (more…)

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Let’s Talk Lists: TAC Dark Angels, 1750pts

  Yoooo!!! This is the 1750 Balanced Dark Angels TAC list I am looking at, these days. (more…)

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