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Dark Angels Review: HQ: Librarian

Hello fellow servants of the Imperium.  Chandler here with a review on the Dark Angels Librarian.  For more reviews and analysis check out the Tactics Corner. (more…)

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Space Marine Formation Review: Librarius Conclave

Hey everybody SaltyJohn from TFGRadio here to review a unit that makes people Salty as me! The Space Marine Librarius Conclave. For more reviews, bat reps and analysis, check out the Tactics Corner! (more…)

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Welcome to the Thunderome: Two men enter, one man leaves!

Tuesday Night Fight: Librarius Conclaves & Thunderstar vs. Wulfen Murderpack Landraider Rush

Tonight is the first $100 dollar challenge. Our buddy Don has challenged the Thunderstar to a game with his tournament proven Wulfen list. Should be a great game so make sure to tune in on Twitch Frontlinegaming_TV at 5:30 P.M. PST. (more…)

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Space Marines Reviews: HQs Part 18: Librarian

  This time up for review, the good old Librarian! For more in depth, unit by unit reviews, check out the Tactics Corner. (more…)

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10-15-12 pics 034

For Sale: Very Well Painted Blood Angels Characters

Hey everyone, one of our artists wanted to sell some of her Blood Angels characters. These are VERY well painted, definitely center piece models. (more…)

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10-15-12 pics 034

Blood Angels Characters

These are some beautifully painted models that one of our artists painted for her husband’s Blood Angels army.

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