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Anticipating the Competitive Meta Change of NewHammer 40k

Hello Frontline Gaming subscribers! SaltyJohn here from TFG Radio to bring you an article with a wide scope. Today let’s dive into what shifts are coming to the Competitive Meta with Newhammer 40k just around the corner. (more…)

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Newhammer: World Eaters hopes and dreams

Hello everyone, Danny from TFG Radio here to go over the other love in my heart, the World Eaters.  Here is a short set of hopes and dreams that I scribbled down in my diary made of my enemies, and as always, go check out the Tactics Corner for all of Frontline’s goodies. (more…)

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Newhammer: Iron Warriors in the future!

Hey again all, Danny from TFG Radio here to talk about one of the lesser loved Traitor Legions, but with the changes on the horizon, perhaps these Warriors of Iron will find new strength.   Of course, go check out all the cool wish-list articles over at Frontline’s Tactics Corner. (more…)

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Newhammer: The Night Lords are coming!

Hello everyone, Danny from TFG Radio here one more time to go over the evil Space-Batmen of 40K, the Night Lords! Be sure to go check out all the cool stuff over at Frontline’s Tactics Corner to kit out your utility belt. (more…)

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