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Aeldari Tournament Report

Aeldari GT Report: Game 5

For the final game of the Crucible GT I squared off against a good buddy! (more…)

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Aeldari Tournament Report

40k GT Report: Game 4

Hey everybody, Conor here. For game three of the Crucible GT I was up against a familiar adversary—The Castellan. (more…)

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Crucible of Winter: Game 3

Game 3 was do or die. (more…)

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Crucible of Winter: Game 2

For game two of this GT, I was faced with a mechanized Chaos build. (more…)

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Souped Up Batrep: Aeldari vs Imperium

Hey everybody, Conor here. As you are reading this, I am doing battle in snowy Bel-Air, Maryland. (more…)

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A Comedy of Errors Part Two: 9 Knights of the Round Table

Day two! After a night out with the boys, I was ready to play, Wraithguard and all. (more…)

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A Comedy of Errors: My non-GT Winning List

Psychic Awakening powered Aeldari take on a GT.

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Kickstarting Your Ynnari Collection

Picture this – the Blood of the Phoenix battlebox and Phoenix Rising campaign book that you pre-ordered has arrived through the post. In an excited hobby frenzy, you’ve managed to get all of the models assembled and painted, and played through all the Echoes of War missions with both sides. What do you do next with […]

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New Ynnari- Harlequins

Hey guys Cavalier here, co-host of Splintermind the Dark Eldar podcast and commission painter for Frontline Gaming. This time exploring playing a Reborn Harlequin force! (more…)

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Painting Tutorial: Tinted Glass on Eldar Canopies

Hey guys Cavalier, commission painter for Frontline Gaming and co-host of Splintermind the Dark Eldar Podcast, back with another painting tutorial, this time on tinting the glass on your Eldar canopies! You dont need to be the best painter in the world to make your models look really good. Many times its just about those […]

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