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My Favorite List: Eldar Triumvirate

Hey guys Cavalier checking in again, this time talking about my favorite list I’ve cooked up so far in 8th edition. This isn’t my BEST list, but its the list I love playing more than any other. Read along and I’ll explain why. (more…)

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Hardcore: Kabalite Warriors as the Core of your Aeldari Army

Hey guys Cavalier commission painter for Frontline Gaming and Cohost of Splintermind the Dark Eldar Podcast. Today’s discussion is around Kabalite Warriors as the ideal choice for building a battalion core for your multi-faction, multi-detachment Aeldari army. For more, as always check the Tactics Corner for more great articles! (more…)

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The Triumvirate of Ynnead – Showcase

Just a quick look at my Triumvirate of Ynnead, I really feel they’ll compliment my Harlequins well.    

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Daily Awesome Conversion

This amazing Eldar Harlequin Shadowseer was the winner of the  Golden Demon Poland 2008, created by the very talented polish artist Ana,  I love the level of detail on this, great work!

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Daily Awesome Conversion

This stunning piece of work called Jester Knight, by Jeremie Bonamant, is fantastically done with its attention to detail, especially in the Flag, his Bag and the expression on his horses face!. Great job Jeremie!

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Daily Awesome Conversion

A harlequin Wraith Lord, and what an amazing conversion! by Jérémie Bonaman, a great paint job on top of this makes it an incredible piece (I especially love the base!)

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Daily Awesome Conversion

   A stunning squad of Harlequins and a Harlequin farseer painted and converted by Van San. Great Work!

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