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The Very Best of Sports: Games Workshop’s Contribution Matches Riot Games Donation!

And the incredible story of generosity continues to grow! (more…)

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I'm looking at you, big guy.

Newhammer and the Blood Angels – The Psychic Phase

Greetings From the Aether! Captain Morgan reporting in again with another look at GW’s Newhammer rules leaks through a Blood Angels lens. Today’s focus is the psychic phase, and as a Librarian myself, I was very excited to pour this information into my eye-holes. (more…)

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GW to FAQ the Tau Coordinated Firepower Conundrum?

Hey everyone, Reecius here from Frontline Gaming to continue the ongoing discussion on how to read the “Coordinated Firepower” command benefit for Tau, and GW may actually say something about it? (more…)

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Growth – The Challenges of Making Money

2013 was the year of the Kickstarter. But kickstarters have a reputation for failing to deliver the promised target on time. It seems incredible that having hundreds of thousands of dollars in the bank could be anything but a project accelerator. (more…)

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Last Day to Pre-Order and get your GW Goodies On the Release Date!

Get yer Hot Deals, get yer Hot Deals here! (more…)

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Oh GW, why do you hate your customers so much?

Faeit 212, and Bell of Lost Souls Down.

So the interwebs are all a buzz with this story, and so far, no one really knows what’s going on but the sites listed above are down. (more…)

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Interview from GW Design Studio’s Open Day

This comes via Scissorheart. (more…)

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GW’s 6th ed Press Release Leaked

GW’s 6th ed press release has been leaked, and some rumors are being confirmed. (more…)

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Savin dough!

Thoughts on GW Pricing Strategies

This is a conversation that I read on Dakka that was very interesting and enlightening. I have pulled out some of the more interesting bits and posted them here. Thanks to Ozzymandias for starting the every interesting conversation. (more…)

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Signals from the Frontline

Signals from the Frontline: Drop Zone Commander, GW Price Increases, Slaughter in Pace GT, New Flyer Rules

Signals from the Frontline: Drop Zone Commander, GW Price Increases, Slaughter in Pace GT, New Flyer Rules

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