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Revenant Titan

Guest Editorial on Escalation by Adam B. from the Dice Abide

Adam B. from the Dice Abide blog is here to share a different point of view on Escalation and the Revenant Titan in particular. (more…)

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Guest Editorial from Adam: Shooting is King

Adam from over at the Dice Abide blog, has a guest article for us. (more…)

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Guest Editorial by Edwin: Sisters of Battle: Paper Tigers of a Thousand Paper Cuts

A guest editorial on Sisters of Battle by Edwin. (more…)

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Tyranid Guest Tactica by Cameron

A guest editorial on Nids by Cameron. (more…)

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Guest Editorial by Edwin: First Outing with Sisters!

Sisters of Battle in all their glory Guest editorial by Edwin. (more…)

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Raw Dogger: Readers be ware!

Guest Editorial by Raw Dogger: No DIY? No, STFU! Or, why you should create your own Space Marine Chapter.

Guest editorial by Raw Dogger: Readers Beware! (more…)

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Guest Editorial by Robert Pace: Dr. Science and Sergeant Smarty Pants

by Robert Pace (more…)

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Guest Editorial by Edwin: A Balancing Act: Part Deux

A guest editorial by Edwin. So after last week’s article on balancing out a list, I decided to respond to the feed back. (more…)

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The grim game

Guest Editorial by Edwin: A Balancing Act and Why I Fail at It.

 A wonderful balancing act. A guest editorial by Edwin on balance. -ed (more…)

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Guest Editorial by 6th Street Alan: Tyranids Tactica

A Guest Editorial by 6th Street Alan, winner of WargamesCon, TSHFT, and the ETC Singles. -ed With the emergence of 6th edition like many of us I decided on switching my army type once again. With each new edition I try to mix things up and play something against the meta and against the bandwagon approach. […]

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