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GSC and the New 40k FAQ

Eric S. is back with another Genestealer Cults tactics article for 9th ed 40k! (more…)

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Mobility Capability in the GSC

Eric S. bring us another update on 9th ed Genestealer Cults tactics! (more…)

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Genestealer Cults vs Astra Militarum- Army Debut – 2000pt Warhammer 40k battle report

Our friends at Tabletop Titans have another 9th ed 40k video bat rep for us, this time featuring Genestealer Cults vs. Astra Militarum! (more…)

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Guest Tactica: Genestealer Cults

Eric S. brings us his take on getting the most out of GSC in 9th ed 40k. (more…)

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tabletop titans

How to Play Genestealer Cults in 9th edition – Tips from 40k Playtesters

The Tabletop Titans team brings us another 9th ed 40k tactics video, this time focusing on how to play GSC! (more…)

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Faction Focus: Genestealer Cults

GW brings us a faction focus article on the Genestealer Cults and how the function in 9th ed 40k! (more…)

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Art of War Ep 15.1 Alex Mcdougall on Forces of the Hivemind Strategy

Join Nick Nanavati and John DeMaris as they Break Down Alex Macdougall’s Strategy with his Tyranids and GSC. Swarmlord, Tyranids, and Abberants Oh My ! (more…)

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For the Greater Good! NOVA Open 40k GT Final Breakdown

Greetings Frontline Gaming Community, my name is Richard Siegler (T’au Empire) and today I am going to discuss my match against Nick Rose (Genestealer Cult) in the final of the NOVA Open GT. I am going to focus especially on my thought process before and during the match and explain why I made the decisions […]

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Video Bat Rep: Bay Area Open 2019 Jim Vesal vs John Lennon

We’ve got another BAO top game for you, this time it’s Jim Vesal vs. John Lennon! (more…)

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Pre-order Preview: Carrion Empire and Genestealer Cults

Next weekend, two armies of the Mortal Realms are reborn, with a new battle box, two new battletomes and more! There’s also even more Genestealer Cults goodness for you to get your claws into! Here’s what you can expect to see… (more…)

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