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Frankie’s List Analysis: Tau and Space Marine Lists

Hello everyone, Frankie here with two lists that you don’t see on the tabletops that often. We have a Salamander Space Marine list and a Retaliation Cadre Tau list. Which one will come out on top in this week’s analysis? (more…)

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40k Product Unboxing: Tau Ghostkeel

Hey guys here is a video showing off everything inside the Ghostkeel kit. Tune in to our live 40k game, tonight at 7:00pm PST and get a chance to win the new kit! (more…)

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tuesday night fight

Tuesday Night Fight Pre-Game Analysis! (Win a FREE Ghostkeel!)

Hello everyone you are not going to want to miss this game! It will be between Larry’s KDK and Frankie’s White Scar Battle Company in a competitive Master’s League game. We will also have a special giveaway of the new Ghostkeel! So don’t miss out, the show starts Tuesday, October 27th at 7:00pm PST. (Twitch subscribers […]

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Frontline Gaming’s 25% Off Pre-Order Special is a GO! (Tau Ghostkeel Release)

You know it, you love it, the Frontline Gaming Pre-Order Special is a GO! First of all, check out GW’s site to see what is all included in the new release. (more…)

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