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Playing with your Patriarch

In last week’s article about picking secondaries while playing Genestealer Cults I mentioned all GSC lists are going to include a certain model. The Patriarch is the leader of the Cults both in the lore and, since they are required to be your Warlord, on the tabletop. Taking a quick glance over the datasheet for […]

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Tyranid Codex Review – Troops: Genestealers

Hey everyone, Danny from TFG Radio here, and today we talk about the most iconic unit in the whole hive, and be sure to check out the Tactics Corner for some more tricks to help you sleep at night. The baddest, scariest combat threat in the Tyranid army and a contender for the title in […]

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Tyranid Codex Review: Troops: Genestealers

Hello everybody, Danny from TFG Radio here to bring you one of the most recognizable, most iconic bugs in the 40K universe and totally legally distinct from HR Gieger’s work, the Genestealer! As always, you should check out Frontline’s Tactic’s Corner and its ever growing collection of tips and tricks. (more…)

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