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Pauper Princes 5-3 at the Dallas Open?!

I was very excited to see a fellow Genestealer Cults player perform extremely well at the Dallas Open last weekend, but I was equally as confused when I opened the player’s army list to see how they won five out of their eight games. The first thing I saw was a Battalion Detachment of Pauper […]

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Keeping GSC Competitive

When perusing the internet for Genestealer Cult faction rankings a Cult player is going to come across some demoralizing results. In the majority of faction rankings, win percentages, or any other stat that measures how successful a faction is in Warhammer 40k the Cult are usually ranked dead last. There are a variety of reasons […]

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A Quick Fix for Under-performing Factions

A few days ago, abusepuppy wrote an article discussing the T’au Empire’s problem with taking and holding objectives. If you’ve not read it, I’d highly recommend giving it a look. In the article, abusepuppy suggests that Games Workshop should update the game more frequently in order to best deal with the problem of under-powered factions. […]

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Scoring Primary Points with GSC is Easy…Right?

9th Edition 40k has taken a strong shift from the supremacy of the shooting army to the rise of the melee army. (more…)

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The Best of the Worst GSC

GSC is in a tough spot right now. While over the last few weeks I’ve written articles talking up some of the pros to playing GSC in 9th Edition the fact is that our poor faction is (statistically) one of the worst in the game right now. I do not say this to discourage anyone […]

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Playing with your Patriarch

In last week’s article about picking secondaries while playing Genestealer Cults I mentioned all GSC lists are going to include a certain model. The Patriarch is the leader of the Cults both in the lore and, since they are required to be your Warlord, on the tabletop. Taking a quick glance over the datasheet for […]

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The Monstrously Sized Forces of the Hive Mind

Hello, dear viewers! Art of War coach and avatar of the Hive Mind Alex Macdougall has emerged from the shadows to give us his thoughts on staying competitive with Tyranids and Genestealer cults! (more…)

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Genestealer Cults in 9th Edition

Hi everyone, Michael here to give you a few thoughts on how I think my Genestealer Cults army may function in 9th edition. For more reviews and analyses, check out the Tactics Corner. (more…)

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Much Ado about Pistols: A look at Pistol Relics

Games Workshop has given us a lot of pistol relics. Almost every army has at least one, yet with that, there are very rarely seen in competitive play. Let’s take a look at what they offer, why they are not taken more, and perhaps even an idea on how to fix them. (more…)

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The Greater Good Faction Focus – Genestealer Cults

G-dubs is back with another reveal of the next Psychic Awakening book, this time: Genestealer Cults! (more…)

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