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This Week in the Second Hand Shop

Check out these great items and more in or secondhand shop.  (more…)

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New in the Second Hand Shop this Week.

A fully painted, modular Land Raider Crusader/Rdeemer. A nicely converted Necron walker that counts as a Knight. It also comes with magnetized optional weapons. A unit of Ultramarines Terminators! And that’s not all, as the saying goes! We’re adding new items to the Second Hand Shop every day, so be sure to swing by and […]

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Video Battle Report

Warhammer 40K Chaos vs Hawk Lords Space Marines 1500pts

This is a fun game where we show off an absolutely beautiful Chaos Space Marine army we have for sale. If you want to make an offer on it, shoot me a pm! The Hawk Lords army is a work in progress, built to match the Chapter’s fluff, and will be very nice looking when […]

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chaos army 005

For Sale! Beautiful Chaos Army

This is a seriously gorgeous Chaos army brought in by one of our artists to sell. She said it is her 4th Chaos army and it just sits on the shelf, so might as well turn it into cash and see someone get some use out of it! This would be a level 3 paint […]

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For Sale: Rogue Trader 40K Lot, Adventures Club Magazine Lot, AD&D Minis and Maze

Check out these blasts from the past! (more…)

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tau piranha 001

For Sale: Tau Piranhas (Sold!)

These 6 Piranhas are assembled very well, with magnetized bases, and are base coated the traditional Tau desert yellow. Asking price is $160, OBO. Shoot me an email at Contact@FrontlineGaming.org to make an offer!

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flames of war italy

For Sale: Flames of War Italy Army

This Flames of War Italy army is for sale! It comes with everything pictured. (more…)

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For Sale: Dwarven Forge Dungeon Tiles (Sold)

These are absolutely beautiful, and will take your RPG’s to the next level. All of these are beautifully hand painted and out of production. (more…)

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For Sale: Dark Eldar Lot

This is an old school Dark Eldar army for sale. It consists of everything pictured including the GW figure case. It is partially painted to a fair table top standard. Asking price is $250 or best offer. Email inquires to Contact@FrontlineGaming.org

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For Sale: Beautiful Grey Knights Paladins and Draigo with Display Board

These are seriously stunning! Asking price: $250 OBO (more…)

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