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tuesday night fight2

Tuesday Night Fight! Tau vs. Daemons

Hello everyone, we have quite the game for you tonight. We have Frankie and the Monster Bash Tau vs. Pablo the Stash Stevenson playing a Monster Bash Daemon List. Who will be able to come out on top? Only time will tell. Make sure to tune in 7:00 PM PST on TWITCH (more…)

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tuesday night fight2

Tuesday Night Fight! Chaos Daemons vs. White Scars

Hey guys! Petey Pab here with an interesting game. Frankie and I are going to be playing a game at 1650 points in today’s Tuesday Night Fight AND showcasing the new Daemon Decurion style detachment! (more…)

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Feast of Blades List Review!

  Hey Everyone White925 here going to talk a little bit about my Feast of B lades invitational list. So lets start off by saying I am stoked to head out to Denver and play some games of 40K Yay! Feast of blades is looking like a great event and I have been really enjoying […]

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Guest Editorial by Anonymou5: Fateweaver versus the World, or a way to fight Tau. A Tournament Vignette

Article by Anonymou5: This is a discussion on how to attack the Tau Pulse Bomb (and its variants).  The tools are Daemon/Chaos Space Marines specific, but the general concepts are universal.  It’s also a brief tournament summary; because context is vital and I learned something else very important that has nothing to do with the […]

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