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Let’s Talk About Seer Council

I’ve been toying around with one of the more expensive and interesting units in the game–The Eldar Warlock Skyrunner Council–also known as the Seer Council.  (more…)

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Tomes of the Librarius – Character Spotlight: Eldrad Ulthran

Hello 40k fans! Chris Morgan, Chief Librarian of the Forge the Narrative Podcast, is back from hiatus to drop some knowledge bombs again with the next Tomes of the Librarius article. Also, be sure to check the Tactics Corner for more great articles! Just as a reminder, in this series we will explore facets of the history and legends of […]

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The Mighty Morphin Harlie Star!

Hello everyone Frankie here to talk about my underpowered army list. THE HARLIE STAR!!!! So I guess first off I should go over what is in the list. We’ve got big dog Fuegan, almighty Eldrad, and dainty Vect as a good core. Next would be my support units, three squads of two War walkers with […]

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