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KDK Review: HQ: Herald

Hunker down in your bunker fellow nerds, as today we’re taking a look at the Blood God’s lieutenants: Heralds. (more…)

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Daily Awesome Conversion

Demons of Chaos done right! This incredable converted army called “The Cult of Fire” Here is what creator Jody Tucker has to say about them:   …took me nearly a year just to figure out how to do it, and then about six months of work to actually execute. But the results exceeded even my […]

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Daily Awesome Conversion

This awesome Diorama, a Carnival of Chaos of Chaos, winner of the Golden Demon Germany in 2013, by Christoph aka the Paintslayer. Titled “Papa Noigul’s Carnival” this is a great example of Hoibby at its finest, here is what he says about it: “I always loved the Carnival of Chaos from the Game Mortheim. With the […]

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40k Brawl Fallen_Son 2 copy

40K Brawl! Eldar Vs TauDarKnightMons 1750 Video Batrep

Salut hombres! Check out 40K Brawl’s latest battle report where Simon’s (Je suis) Tau-Dar-Knight-Mons™ takes on Matt “Flower pants” Coopers Triple Wraith knight monstrosity.    Word of warning – we don’t have the most tame languange in the world. You have been warned!   Please enjoy!

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Daily Awesome Conversions

  This Diorama titled “Pure Epicness” by Maybug, I love the lighting effects, in what is a stunning peice of hobbying. I am not sure who my money would be on though…

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Demon Prince04

Daily Awesome Conversion

Demon Prince anyone? A amazing peice by Karol Rudyk

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40k Brawl Fallen_Son 2 copy

40K Brawl! Eldar & Imp Knights vs. Iron Hands & Ultramarines 1850 Caledonian Practice Match

How do my lovers!   Simon here from 40k Brawl! Sorry it’s been a few weeks since our last video but here we are, back again with another 1850 practice match for Cally! This game features Adam and his Iron hands/ Ultramarine allies VS Olly picking up a miss match of all the things naughty […]

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