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Wedensday Night Fight: Death vs. Stormcast Eternals

Tonight we’ve got the Salty Banana with Stormcast Eternals vs. Brandon and his Death army! Tune in at 5pm PST for the game. (more…)

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Wednesday Night Fight: Sylvaneth vs. Nighthaunts

Tonight we’ve got an Age of Sigmar battle for you! Sylvaneth vs. Nighthaunts at 5pm PST tonight on our Twitch Channel! (more…)

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Wedensday Night Fight: Age of Sigmar, Ironjawz vs. Death

We’ve got Ironjawz vs. Death in tonight’s live game of Age of Sigmar! Be sure to join us for the fun at 5pm PST, tonight on our Twitch Channel. (more…)

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Age of Sigmar – Short-Form Battle Report – Flesheater Courts V Stormcast Eternals (2000 pts)

Welcome back to CanHammer! Here’s the next Age of Sigmar batrep, featuring another game between Darren’s Flesheater Courts and Chris’ Stormcast Eternals. another exciting game, going right down to the wire. It is 2000 points of Match Play. Enjoy!

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AoS Video Bat Rep: Duardin vs. Death

We’re back! Video battle report for Age of Sigmar featuring Death vs. Duardin, 2,000 pts Matched Play. (more…)

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Age of Sigmar – Battle Report – Flesheater Courts Vs. Beastclaw Raiders (2000 pts)

Hey guys and welcome back to CanHammer! We are bringing you are next Age of Sigmar Batrep, featuring Darren’s newly minted Flesheater/Death army vs Jamie’s Beastclaw/Goblins army. It’s bound to be an epic game! SORRY GUYS, there are 3 25-second long sections missing from the first few minutes of the video for some reason, but […]

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Age of Sigmar – Battle Report – Flesheater Courts Vs. Stormcast Eternals (2000 pts)

We are excited to bring you our next Age of Sigmar batrep! We ramp up to 2000 points now in this grudge rematch between Darren’s Death army and Chris’ Stormcast Eternals! Featuring a clash of 2000 points each side in Match Play, we hope you enjoy!

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Age of Sigmar – Battle Report – Death Vs. Stormcast Eternals (1000 points)

Our long-awaited debut for Age of Sigmar arrives!  We are still getting things up and running, but we couldn’t resist getting a batrep done and up for you guys.  This features Darren using Chris’ Death army, playing his very first AOS game, against Chris’ Stormcast Eternals.  For those of you new to AOS, don’t worry, […]

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Age of Sigmar 50 Wound Bat Rep: Wanderers & Sylvaneth vs. Death

Reecius continues to learn Age of Sigmar with his Wood Elves vs. a veteran AoS gamer: Scott and his awesome looking Death Warband in a special scenario: The Watch Tower! (more…)

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Age of Sigmar Learning League: Death vs. Wood Elves

Hey there Age of Sigmar friends, Reecius here with another learning league battle report! This time: Brandon’s Death army vs. my Wood Elves! Check the Tactics Corner for more great Age of Sigmar battle reports! (more…)

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