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icestorm terrain

Operation Icestorm Review by Darklink

Operation Icestorm review by DarkLink (more…)

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Darklink’s Grey Knights Codex Review

Darklink brings us a Grey Knights Review: GKs have been my main, and just shy of exclusive, army for many moons, so I’ll go over everything in it. I’m not exactly pleased, but at least I know how Tyranid players feel. If GW wanted to teach me a lesson in empathy… (more…)

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The New Psychic Phase – Missing the Forest for the Trees.

DarkLink is here with an article on the new psychic phase! Check out the Tactics Corner for more great content! (more…)

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Guest Editorial by Darklink: The OODA Loop and 40k

Darklink is here with an editorial on the OODA Loop and how that applies to 40K. (more…)

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Darklink’s CoC Report with Vassal Images!

This is a guest battle report by Darklink with attached Vassal images! (more…)

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