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Codex Drukari Review: Which Wych

When asked to describe Wych Cult units, most players would tell you they are an unforgiving glass cannon: if left out of position, they might as well be back on the display board. Since the advent of the previous edition, Wych Cult units began to hit more like a wet noodle then any artillery. Today […]

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Full Length Battle Report #57 War Convocation vs. KDK & Renegades!

Guest John brings his War Convocation to face Reecius’ KDK+Renegades army! Check the Tactics Corner for more great video bat reps! (more…)

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Image by Nachoman

Tuesday Night Fight: War Convocation vs. KDK & Renegades!

We’ve got a good fight lined up this evening! Reecius’ KDK+Renegades vs. guest John’s War Convocation! Tune in at 5:30pm PST to our Twitch Channel to join in for the fun. (more…)

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Tuesday Night Fight! War Convocation vs. Necrons

We’ve got a real humdinger for you all, tonight! Necrons vs. War Convocation. Guest combatant, Joe vs. InControl! Tune in to our Twitch Channel for all the action! (more…)

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Daily Awesome Conversion

This Awesome Diorama of an Arch-Magos and his Scyllax Gaurdians on a custom base, were created and painted by Stephen Jamie-Hall Flack and are all Top Quality!  I especially love the Magos (one of my favorite characters and all around badass!) Great work!

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Daily Awesome Conversion

This Awesome Mini is from Toughest Girls in the Galaxy, Painted by Christopher Faith, this is an awesome Alternative to the usually male dominated 40k. Either as a Tech priest or a Dominous this is an great model!!

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Short Form Video Battle Report #279 War Convocation vs. Centurionstar

Captain A’s White Centstar goes up against The Mediocre Gamer’s not so mediocre war convocation! Check the Tactics Corner for more warhammer 40k video bat reps! (more…)

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Daily Awesome Conversion Pt 7

The Final Installment of the Dark Mechanicus series, These amazing works have made me looking at my Ad Mech army wondering if maybe they should turn to some Heresy…. We are finishing with the Chimeric by Jake Bruticus and the Servile Constructs by Rob Meade, I thought as they both have featured so much they […]

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Daily Awesome Conversion Pt 6

    “The Thralls of the Forge” by Rob Meade is a fantastic looking army of Dark Mechanicus. I love when you see each individual model of a hoard, done with such love and attention. These converted Mantic Zombies and Ghouls really fit the fluff well, lets just hope that Forge World bring out some […]

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Daily Awesome Conversion Pt 5

Behold the Tekslav Shock Mutant, created by Rob Meade In their constant search for the perfect weapon, no twisted possibilities are forbidden to House Tekslav. This example, nicknamed ‘threeface’ by survivors, sports three heads: one head for main decision making and locomotion, one to control the massive buzzsaw arm, and one to control the 4 […]

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