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Grey Knights Codex – Narrative Review

So it’s been a while since my last narrative review so let’s take a dive into the Grey Knights book and see what it has to offer. The crusade portion of each codex has varied in flavor and power and I wonder what the writers at GW have is store here. As with my other […]

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Thousand Sons Codex – Narrative Review

Hello All,As I have done previously, let’s take a dive into the new Thousands Sons book with a specific eye towards the new Crusade rules. The Ork codex was quite well crafted, though some of the mechanics felt incomplete, let’s see how this book compares. Army RulesWhere the Orks had the interesting and complex contest […]

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Ork Codex – Narrative Review

Hello everyone,While I am not an Ork player myself, I was very excited about the new crusade rules in the Ork Codex. One of the main reasons I was interested is that the Orks background allows them a lot of narrative opportunities and I was curious to see how the new rules would seek to […]

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The Balance Issue No One is Discussing

Apologies for the clickbait title, sometimes I can’t resist. I’ll drop the dance of seven veils and get right too it: we are talking about the Crusade System here. I am a few weeks into running my first club-level crusade campaign, and overall it is going well. We have a number of active players and […]

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By the way, our campaign used this and it was really cool.

3 Ways to Improve Your Narrative Campaigns: Lore and Set up

Hi All, If you are anything like me the coming summer months hold the promise of new events.  And when it comes to these events there are few things that excite me more then the possibility of narrative campaigns. As I am sure we are all a little rusty when it comes to conducting these […]

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Review of Crusade Mission Pack – Beyond the Veil

Hello everyone, Today I am very excited to present my review of the first DLC mission pack GW has released for the Crusade Campaign system. Overall, I am excited about what this release represents, and I think it provides a lot of cool rules and options for anyone who is looking to set up novel […]

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World Eaters on Crusade!

Hey all, Danny from TFG Radio here, and today, I am going to talk a bit about a new project for me, a Narrative league using the 9th edition Crusade rules that some of my local group have slapped together. As much as I often play competitively, I do love me a good Narrative game, […]

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Daily Awesome Conversion

Knights in Shining Armour, defending their castle against the invaders! This great Diorama is the Storming of Fortress Antioch from the battle of 1097. Created by Vitaly Puzenk is very detailed and very Awesome!

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