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Tools of the Trade

Are you sure you have the right tools to pump out the best minis?!

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The Best Bits Boxes

These are the best box sets out there to offer up plenty of conversion and kitbashing possibilities.

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LVO Players Bringing Chaplain Dread(s) and Thunderfire Cannons…

Hey everyone SaltyJohn, an LVO Senior Judge, and member of TFG Radio here with an important announcement. (more…)

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HQs to VIPs

Take a generic HQ and make it something that not only has character, but is a more efficient model!

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Old and new. Side by side. Photo credit 4plebs.org

Out With The Old

Give old models with great rules (or necessary rules) a new life with these ideas.

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Chopping Heads and Saving Face

Make a characterful army fast with clever head swaps and a bit of bitz bartering.

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Model Submission Tool for Your Event

Loopy has come up with an interesting method for players to submit customizations and conversions to his events and he’d like to share it with other T.O.s in the hopes of helping them out with this sometimes difficult task. (more…)

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Daily Awesome Conversion

This Awesome mini was painted and converted by Jim Brown. This quality work called “the traitor basford” is a very intimidating mini, looks great!

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Daily Awesome Conversion-Birthday Special

As it someones Birthday Today, I thought I would put in something special…. and Shiny and Chrome……. Behold the might of the Mad Mekz: Fury Road! This amazing army painted, built and sculpted by master hobbyist Carl Lum, the amount of work put into this is truly HARDCORE! (he has been making it since the […]

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Daily Awesome Conversion

This collection of minis are from the servants of House Tzeryll, a family of Rouge Traders, known to do dealings with radical Inquisitors, but inviting the powers of Chaos into their house is a small price to pay for unfettered access to the warp and its trade routes. Love the conversion, love the minis and […]

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