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Practical Philosophy: Does Cheating Make You a Bad Person?

This is the system we have created to protect the ethical integrity of competitive play in the ITC and to not apply it when a player has violated the rules discredits the entire system.

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Play the Game Straight.

Hello, 40k players! We had the return of Competitive 40k this weekend in the US and I thought this would be a good chance to discuss how we play the game. (more…)

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The Time has Come to Adopt the Code of Conduct and Standardized List Submission for all Events in the ITC

Hello, competitive 40k players, potential 40k players, trolls, lurkers, and random readers who stumbled upon this and will stop reading soon. John, SaltyJohn, here head judge for the Las Vegas Open and contributor to TFG Radio, talking to you about the need for universal adoption of the Code of Conduct in the ITC. (more…)

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