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Preview: 40k Video Bat Rep: NEW Eldar vs. Death Guard

We just finished filming a video bat rep featuring the NEW Eldar in a Footdar Brigade vs. Frankie’s new mechanized Death Guard list! The battle will air Monday at 9am PST on our YouTube channel. We played ITC Champion’s Mission #2. (more…)

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Daily Awesome Conversion

This awesome conversion and paint job by Gruumsh, reminds me of one of my favorite 40K Character the Doom Rider (probably showing my age there), I especially like the flame effects. and the fist bump!

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Daily Awesome Conversion

The third in the series of converted (or Corrupted) Imperial Knights by Andy Kessler, and this time Slaanesh is getting some loving. Another great effort!

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Daily Awesome Conversion

The way a Lord of Skulls Should of been, this fantastic piece work by Arklight, called Khorne Knight Titan. This is what he says about it: “Based on the FW Knight I’ve added lord of skulls head, half of the right arm, skull thigh plates, shoulder pads and the front torso armor. I’ve used a […]

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Daily Awesome Conversion

A fantastic Lord of Change conversion by Mark Wildman, I especially love the base.

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Daily Awesome Conversion

A Korn Bezerka, Jaw Dropping peice by Andrey Demidov, the model by author’s miniatures – 85 mm. One of the best Lava lighting effects I have ever seen. A truly awesome piece of work. (AND with a removable helmet!!)

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Daily Awesome Conversion

Every wondered what happens if the Geller field Collapses?? Well this fantastic Diorama Author Unknown, shows off a few possibilities. Great work of the ship coming apart around them, in the worst possible way!!

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Daily Awesome Conversion

A Jaw Dropping, Stunning Converted Thousand Sun Sorcerer by Andrey Demidov, really top quality work!

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Daily Awesome Conversion

An Awesome Conversion of a Nurglefiend,  a cross between a Maggot Lord and a  maulerfiend. This great work is done by Nick Wenker as part of his Hexfleet virules, I cannot wait to see it painted!

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