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Eldar Craftworlds Review: Detachment: Craftworld Warhost

Hey, everyone. Chandler here with a review on the Eldar Craftworlds Warhost Detachment.  For more reviews, analysis, and battle reports be sure to check out the Tactics Corner. (more…)

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Eldar Review: Fast Attack: Warp Spiders

Today on Tactics Corner we’re looking at the big daddy of all of the Eldar Aspects, the Warp Spiders. With big showings at LVO and across much of Europe, they’re a unit well worth knowing about. Click to read on, or check out the Tactics Corner for more reviews and articles. (more…)

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Eldar Review: Elites: Fire Dragons

Welcome to another wild and wooly Eldar Codex review brought to you by the ever lovely Goatboy.  Today I want to chatter on about the nonsense vehicle kill unit known as the Fire Dragons. (more…)

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Eldar Review: Heavy: Dark Reapers

Goatboy here again with another Eldar review.  This time I talk about the old boogie man from my days of starting 40k – the Dark Reapers.  These guys used to kill so many of my Chaos Space Marines it was scary.  Sure they lost some of their edge but they are still really good at […]

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Feature image for Dire Avenger

Eldar Review: Troops: Dire Avengers

Hey Everyone Clover362 here to bring you a review about the other incredible troop choice in the Eldar Codex, Dire Avengers.  Scatterbikes (Windrider Jetbikes) might get all the attention, but an army built around a core of Dire Avengers will bring you plenty of glory in your games of 40k.  For more reviews and tactics articles, or […]

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Eldar Review: Fast Attack: Swooping Hawks

Howdy fellow gamers, Mr.MoreTanks back to talk more about things in which I’ve got some moderately above average ideas.  Swooping down from the skies to blast the enemy into oblivion, Swooping Hawks match the synergy of speed and firepower  so prevalent in the Eldar’s Codex.  Able to threaten everything from ranks of infantry to heavy vehicles, Swooping […]

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striking scorpion

Eldar Review: Elites: Striking Scorpions

Welcome back to another lovely Goatboy Eldar Review.  Today I want to chatter on about the other red headed stepchild of the Eldar Assault unit options, the Striking Scorpions.  The changes to the shooting of the game as well as the other assault units becoming so much more effective leaves this unit staying in the […]

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Eldar Review: Fast Attack: Shining Spears

What’s good fellow gamers?  Mr.MoreTanks to talk about those other Jetbikes in the Eldar Codex, no not the Jetseer Council, those aren’t even actual Jetbikes, I mean the legendary Shining Spears.  When the Eldar’s highly controversial “Dull Swords” Aspect Temple folded up, the Shining Spears swept in to skewer the enemy’s of Khaine!  Be sure […]

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Eldar Review: Elites: Howling Banshees

Welcome back readers to another installment of Frontline Gaming’s review of the Eldar Codex.  Today I’ll be reviewing the Eldar’s screaming ninja warriors: the Howling Banshees.  For more reviews and tactics articles make sure to check  Frontline Gaming’s Tactics Corner. (more…)

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