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Perhaps It’s Time to Shut Down the Soup Line

PT here, with another reason to be mad in the comments! (more…)

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40k Tournaments Need Referees, Not Another Spectator

As Army Men tournaments have become more marketable, professional, and mainstream, even to the point of livestreamed top tables at major events, the community has become painfully aware of some of the failings of our humble sport. (more…)

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GW Grognard: Keeps your hands off my sack (of dice)

Hey everyone! Adam here, from TFG Radio, to once again  impart my pearls of information from the dusty attic that is my mind. (more…)

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Amazing Free Peoples Age of Sigmar Cosplay!

Wow, this is such an incredible representation of a Greatsword! What a great costume.   And remember, Frontline Gaming sells gaming products at a discount, every day in their webcart!

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This Week’s GW Pre-Orders

We’ve got some awesome Age of Sigmar goodies up for pre-order this week! (more…)

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Khorne Units

Blades of Khorne Review : General’s Handbook 2017

Josh here, General’s Handbook 2017 has been out for quite some time. There is a ton of new content and a boatload of changes to pre-existing content that change the game in a big way. In this article I’m going to discuss General’s Handbook 2017 and it’s impact on Blades of Khorne in matched play. […]

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socal open

The SoCal Open is Nearly Upon Us!

Check in here for a rundown of all the fun things you will expect to see at our first annual SoCal Open. Attendance at the convention  will be FREE, however to participate in tournaments or any other events there will be a charge. For more info click here or check out our official SoCal Open […]

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Tournament Report: The Stormcasts go to a GT!

This past weekend there was a nice 2 day AoS GT not too far away, so I brought my Stormcast Eternals up to play a bit! (more…)

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New GW Pre-Order: Season of War: Firestorm, and more Death Guard!

New Death Guard and Firestorm releases for 40k and AoS. (more…)

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Overview: Season of War: Firestorm

The new Age of Sigmar campaign: Firestorm is now up for pre-order and looks to be a lot of fun. (more…)

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