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Internal Games Workshop Naming Document

We just got ahold of GW’s own guidelines for naming units, details within! Very real and not fake!! (more…)

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The Imperial Infantryman’s Guide to Satire

Morale is just as important as ammunition or rations to the effectiveness of a fighting force, which is why the Imperial Infantryman’s Uplifting Primer contains a complete and exhaustive guide to the ways it is acceptable to use satire. (more…)

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Players and Prototypes

You play D&D with your friends, but do you know who your friends are? Use this checklist to find out. (more…)

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2021 Release Schedule Announced!

As a bit of a year-end treat, Games Workshop has finally dropped us some info on their release schedule for the upcoming six months, and it’s just as exciting as you’d expect! Click to read more, or check out the Tactics Corner for more reviews and strategies. (more…)

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Biter, the Goblin the party rescued from the Giant Black Widows!

Campaigns vs. Adventures

Writing for an open-ended campaign with no set endpoint can be very different for writing for a specific adventure plot with a limited run. What should be your concerns with each of them, and what should you avoid? (more…)

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How Do I Political?

Political drama is one of the most popular genres in television and books, but translating it to a roleplaying game can be difficult to do successfully. How do you get your players invested into a game about political intrigue? (more…)

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What Can We Say About 9E?

Games Workshop has released a number of codices and supplements so far, enough that we can use them to draw some inferences about what their design philosophies will be in 9E. So let’s take a look at some best guesses for what we’ll see going forward. Click to read on, or check out the Tactics […]

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Who Is Your Character?

Characters often grow and change over the course of a campaign, gaining new abilities and class features as well as learning something from their adventures and bettering themselves as a person. So what is it that defines them as a person? (more…)

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Making Failure Interesting

Failing an important die roll can often be a disheartening experience for a players- especially when the roll is the crux of story events. As a DM, how can you ensure there are consequences for failure while still keeping the drama and tension of a story? (more…)

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How Do I Horror?

Just in time for Halloween Thanksgiving, we’ve got some tips for including elements of horror in your game sessions. Because the true horror, is dealing with your family. (more…)

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