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40K Game Changers Ep 13. Mike Brandt.

Mike is the global events guru for Games Workshop. He’s also an official play-tester, a former member of the USA ETC team, he created and ran the NOVA Open, and he’s overseeing development of the GW app. That’s a hell of a CV. (more…)

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40k Game Changers Ep 12: Jim Vesal

Jim Vesal is the ultimate renaissance man of 40k. He spent most of 2019 as the number 1 player in the world, and that year also won the ITC’s hobby Track because he paints so damn well. (more…)

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40K Game Changers Ep11: Chapter Master Valrak.

I spent an hour chatting to a super nice guy named Sam about his channel, about 40k, about life in general, and I still can’t work out why anyone would think he’s ‘controversial’! (more…)

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Chapter Tactics #199: Are We Entering a New Golden Age of 40k?

Today Peteypab and the guys talk about the direction the game is heading in and speculate about the current balance and game play. They also talk about what an ideal Golden Age in 40k looks like, and discuss whether 9th edition is heading in that direction. (more…)

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Chapter Tactics #198: How to Win in 9th Without Killing a Single Unit

Today the gang highlights the new primary objective focused army lists that can potentially win a game of 40k without killing a single unit through careful objective planning, zoning, and resource management. (more…)

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40k Game Changers Ep 10: Miniwargaming Dave

Dave Nordquist runs the biggest 40k battle report channel in the world. He’s made fantasy movies, written a book, won a business award and his brain just won’t quit coming up with ideas!! (more…)

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40K Game Changers Ep 9: Play On Tabletop

In April 2019 6 guys decided to start a 40k Battle Report revolution. A year and a half later they had 100,000 youtube subscribers! How did they do it? (more…)

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40K Game Changers Ep 8: Neil Kerr.

Neil Kerr is the head judge of the WTC and a proud Scotsman. There is so much in this episode – including beer and a fair bit of rugby. And also how 40k saved his life. (more…)

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Chapter Tactics #196: A Bevy of Salty Tiers and Opinions

Today Peteypab, Brandon, and Skari break down a community tier list and decide whether they polled players were right or wrong about your 40k army’s power level. (more…)

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40k Game Changers Ep7: Rick Priestley

Is it true that the bosses let Rick create Warhammer 40,000 just to shut him up? Where did the inspiration come from for the different races and chapters? (more…)

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